Bridging the Gap: Amplifying the Values of ‘Made in Italy’ in the U.S.

The Futurist LLC crafts a winning strategy to Promote ‘Made in Italy’ in the US.

Key- Insights

  • The U.S. is a major market for Italian jewellery.
  • Connecting with Italian suppliers poses challenges for American retailers.
  • The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) recognised there is a need to improve business connections and foster meaningful relationships between the two countries.
  • The Futurist LLC was engaged to come up with a solution, which was to centralize Italian jewellery excellence in a singular E-Shopping platform.
  • The E-Shopping platform created synergy between U.S businesses and Italian wholesalers and suppliers.

The Challenge

The United States stands as one of the world’s leading markets for Italian jewellery exports. Yet, American retailers and wholesalers encounter numerous hurdles when establishing connections with Italian suppliers. Acknowledging this challenge, the Italian Trade Agency  (ITA) aspired to facilitate smoother and more effective business connections for both U.S. and Italian entities. Recognizing the necessity for a strategic partner with expertise in innovative business strategy, ITA sought collaboration with The Futurist LLC to find a solution. Together, their shared goal was to devise a campaign that not only showcased the craftsmanship and innovation of Italian jewellery but also fostered meaningful connections between the U.S. and Italian markets.

The Solution

Part 1: Centralize Italian Jewellery Excellence in a Singular E-Shopping Platform

The collaboration culminated in the launch of the Extraordinary Italian Jewellery (TEIJ) E-Shopping Website. This groundbreaking platform functioned as an educational, inspirational, and informative hub for buyers, traders, and Italian jewellery enthusiasts. Boasting the participation of 121 companies, including designers, brands, manufacturers, and suppliers, the TEIJ E-Shopping website provided an all-encompassing representation of the Italian jewellery sector. Positioned as a hub for brands of excellence, it served as a comprehensive showcase including brands such as Rosmundo, Antonini Milano, Brusi and Laura P Jewels.

Part 2: Establish an Insightful Content Hub for Industry Excellence

The TEIJ website transcended its role as a mere marketplace by offering exclusive interviews, how-to guides, and trend analysis articles designed to educate and enlighten visitors. Featuring integrated content from over 100 companies, it showcases a diverse array of materials, styles, and jewellery techniques. Real-time market updates on events in Italy and the United States, where ‘Made in Italy’ products are featured, keep stakeholders up to date on emerging products and technologies from Italy.

Part 3:  Amplifying Visibility and Strategically Promote the E-Shopping Platform

To ensure widespread exposure for the new E-Shopping website, a comprehensive media and social influencer program was devised. This initiative encompassed editorial coverage and collaborations with prominent trade media outlets as well as Instagram influencers, including high-profile personality Katerina Perez. These efforts were orchestrated to showcase ‘Made in Italy’ craftsmanship in the United States, enhancing the visibility and accessibility of the platform.

The strategic media and influencer program received acclaim for its success in amplifying the impact of the E-Shopping Platform, reaching a wider audience and solidifying its presence in the market.

The Results

The launch of the TEIJ E-Shopping website successfully bridged the gap between the rich heritage of Italian jewellery and the US market, positioning itself as a unifying force between craftsmanship and innovation. The comprehensive representation of companies, inclusion of valuable insights and real-time market updates contributed to the platform’s success in keeping stakeholders informed and competitive.

The educational resources provided by the website not only showcase the products but also elevate the Italian jewellery sector as a whole. By creating a dynamic space that went beyond transactions, ITA achieved its goal of not just promoting individual jewellery products but also fostering a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and innovation inherent in Italian jewellery.


The TEIJ E-Shopping website stands as a testament to ITA’s dedication to promoting ‘Made in Italy’ jewellery globally. Through strategic planning, comprehensive representation, and an emphasis on education, the Italian Trade Agency, in collaboration with The Futurist LLC, successfully created a platform that unites markets, celebrates craftsmanship, and propels the Italian jewellery sector to new heights. The TEIJ initiative has become a beacon of success, showcasing the extraordinary journey of ITA in elevating Italian jewellery on the global stage.

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