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The Futurist collaborates with ITA to promote Italian jewellery exporters to the United States

The Futurist has launched a collaboration with Italian state-backed agency ITA to spearhead a campaign promoting Italian jewellery exporters to the United States, and “Made in Italy” craftsmanship.

The Futurist will promote the launch of a new e-commerce platform that will connect Italian jewellery manufacturers and suppliers with the U.S. trade, notably retailers and wholesalers, and will publicise Italian jewellery making skills in the United States, a leading market for Italian jewellery exporters.

“We will be using all social media tools, including Instagram and Twitter, and collaborate with leading media to boost the visibility and supreme craftsmanship of ‘Made in Italy’ jewellery in the vital U.S. market.”  The Futurist’s CEO Paola De Luca said. “We’ll share updates on events in Italy and the United States where ‘Made in Italy’ products will be showcased.”

A Buyers’ Guide will be presented in June at the COUTURE show in Las Vegas that will help U.S. buyers navigate the latest Italian jewellery lines on offer at the JCK and COUTURE shows. Paola added: “The objective is to educate and update buyers on the latest innovations, technology, design trends and craftsmanship of ‘Made in Italy’ jewellery.”

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