2° Edition Design Thinking & Strategy
for the Jewellery & Luxury Sectors
8 weeks online Course March / June 2022
February 28th at 16:00 CET

The Futurist Academy Course & Masterclasses

The Futurist, a creative intelligence agency led by luxury analyst Paola De Luca, will power for the first time a virtual jewellery marketing, product and
design trends course, The Futurist Foresight Course, running from April to June.

The Course is organised into four sessions, the first of which is complimentary introducing Seasons 2023.
The complimentary sessions will take place on April 14th and 21st, introducing “Macro Trends 2023” and will include a brief overview of the full Course with a Q and A for those who are interested to register.

The Futurist Foresight Course dates and topics are as follows:

-APRIL 28th Forecasting Methodology 1: collecting and analysing data, consumers’ culture, demographic Vs. “Phycographic”. Trend Drivers, Articles, Social Media, Socio-cultural Factors

-MAY 26th Forecasting Methodology 2: Market scanning, product directions. Design Themes, Silhouettes, Materials, Colours, Technology. Other factors

-JUNE 30th Final works “Landscapes 2023” presentation with formal presentation of the best selected final projects.

Who’s the Course for?

For individual professionals, designers, marketers, SME’s internal Teams who are actively
working on projects, collections, marketing campaigns for the upcoming seasons. The
Course is a dynamic Workshop for learning a methodology and a strategic approach to
your business. You will be able to develop your own project guided by professionals
who’ll be sharing feed-back on your project assignment and final Capstone.

Jewellery © Bea Bongiasca

On February 28th at 16:00 CET The Futurist will present a complimentary Masterclass titled "Jewellery Design Directions & Products 2022" with an introduction of the course program and the faculty.

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